How to Lose Weight in 8 Easy Steps  

By The Captain November 14, 2018

How to Lose Weight in 8 Easy Steps  

One of the biggest challenges people are facing right now is weight loss. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there: trying so-called miraculous diets, getting a gym subscription, maybe even starting supplement therapies – but does it ever work?

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to never-ending diets and tedious calorie counting with the help of these easy steps towards a healthy and efficient weight loss. Why? Because getting rid of those extra pounds isn’t such a struggle; as always, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

How to Lose Weight in 8 Easy Steps  

Pack up the protein

In the battle against weight, it is essential to feel satiated. That is why, a protein-packed breakfast is very efficient in satisfying your appetite and helping you eat healthier throughout the day, without any fear of cravings.

To set the right tone in terms of eating for the rest of the day, you can try eggs, high-fiber cereals or yogurt with fiber-rich seeds, nuts or berries, smoked salmon which is also loaded with omega 3 fats.

How to Lose Weight in 8 Easy Steps  

Hydrate yourself

The easiest way to keep yourself hydrated is to drink water. And it gets even better if you drink it before meals because it makes you feel full and less likely to eat more than you should.

Apart from that, if you workout, water is essential to replenish your body and get you energized for your exercise performance.

How to Lose Weight in 8 Easy Steps  

Break the routine

When sticking to a regular routine for a longer period of time, your body gets accustomed to that and you no longer see any notable changes, not in terms of weight loss anyway.

Therefore, any small change can have a positive impact, whether you choose a 10-minute walk instead of driving or taking the stairs instead of the usual elevator ride. Try to take advantage of the opportunity to move more, especially if that means burning calories.

How to Lose Weight in 8 Easy Steps  

Eat at home

It’s no secret that eating out is convenient. However, with home-cooked meals, it is easier to keep track of the amount of carbs, fats and protein that you eat because you set the portions, compared to going to a restaurant and trying to find something to fit the calorie deficit.

Generally, the food you prepare at home contains less sodium and fat, which can make a big difference to your weight loss plan.

How to Lose Weight in 8 Easy Steps  

Smart grocery shopping

Losing weight is supported by workout but becomes nearly impossible if you hit the fridge more often than the gym. Even more so if your fridge is loaded with unhealthy food.

So, a trip to the supermarket can make or break your fat-loss plan if you don’t choose the right things to put in your food basket. Try to purchase real food for the week ahead to help you prep your meals and stay away from processed foods and binging on unhealthy snacks.

How to Lose Weight in 8 Easy Steps  

Cater to yourself

Don’t deprive yourself of something you like. To be able to sustain a long-term diet and achieve your weight loss goals, you shouldn’t eat the same things over and over again while dying to have a taste of your favorite dessert.

Therefore, to avoid any sort of rebound that may affect your plan, try to include around 10% of the calories intake from the things that you like, into your meals. That way, you will have a guilt-free dessert while remaining on the right track towards your dream body.


How to Lose Weight in 8 Easy Steps  

Set smart goals

When thinking about weight loss, don’t expect to have mind-blowing results right away. Setting your expectations too high may end up in setting yourself up for disappointment.

Best thing would be to set one goal at a time and focus on accomplishing it. And only after that, move on to the next one. One small step for man, one giant leap towards a successful weight loss!


How to Lose Weight in 8 Easy Steps  

Practice mindful eating

It is very important to enjoy and savor what you eat. That’s why it is recommended to relax for a minute or two before eating to appreciate the actual meal and be able to feel its taste better. Chewing slower is also a very good way to satisfy your taste buds but also to feel fuller for a longer period.

Moreover, it is important not to skip meals so as to avoid the ravenous need to fill your stomach with the first thing you see.


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