Can Heels Lead to Osteoarthritis?

By The Captain May 15, 2020
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Can heels lead to osteoarthritis?

Sorry, ladies! A study showed that there is a high risk that heeled shoes will put pressure on the joints, which can lead to osteoarthritis.

Researchers at Iowa State University analyzed the effects of walking on heels and the forces acting on the lower joints and found that “heeled shoes send shock waves from the heels up and put immense pressure on the knees. This can lead to joint degradation over time. ”

“The conclusion I reached is that wearing high-heeled shoes is a risk, because it leads to osteoarthritis. And it seems that the risk increases with the height of the heel “, says Danielle Barkema, one of the researchers. „Wearing high heels regularly puts a person at risk and the higher the heel, the greater the risk,”, kinesiology professor and department chair Phil Martin added.

During the study, the specialists asked a group of women, divided into three categories, to wear heeled shoes, 5 centimeters and 7 centimeters high.

Scientists recommend that women wear heels only occasionally, to prevent various complications in both their legs and spine.

But fear not ladies, that won’t make you any less appealing. You can find comfortable and feminine shoes at the same time.

Find the study here!

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