10 Ways Your Brain Changes Drastically As You Age

By M. C. February 10, 2022

Photo By Rawpixel from Envato

Did you know that by the time you reach 85, there’s a 50% risk of developing Alzheimer’s? Even so, this doesn’t mean that the fate of your memory is already written. While genetics can play an important factor, challenging your mind with diverse brain-boosting activities and socializing can help prevent it.

In fact, there is one method that has more results than the rest: ”The most powerful thing is aerobic exercise”, according to Dr. Perlmutter. There’s a 10-year study of more than 3700 adults that are 60+, and those who exercised had the largest brains and lowest risk of dementia, compared to those who had the least physical activity.

Which makes you kinda wonder: what happens to our brains when we age? Find out more in this article:


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