10 Fast-Food Items That Even Fast-Food Employees Wouldn’t Eat

By The Captain October 21, 2020

10 Fast-Food Items That Even Fast-Food Employees Wouldn't Eat 1

Stay away from mac and cheese

Comfort food comes in all sizes and shapes but macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. If you’re like most of us and have been eating macaroni and cheese since you were a child, you know you can’t resist ordering this classic dish at a restaurant. But fast-food establishments don’t prepare this classic dish the way your mother used to do it for you.

The biggest difference is that fast-food employees microwave the pasta instead of boiling it. The mac and cheese have the same fate. At Chick-fil-A, the classic macaroni and cheese includes a special mix of cheeses including cheddar, and Parmesan. Unfortunately, the sodium content is extremely high, which is definitely unhealthy.

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What could possibly be wrong with having parsley or lemon on the side? Usually, nothing. But according to fast-food employees, eating garnishes or pickles at fast-food restaurants is never a good idea. Why? Prepare for a shocking discovery: some eateries wash and reuse these items if customers didn’t eat them in the first place. More than that, uneaten cups of coleslaw are taken off plates and re-served, according to a former employee of a Florida-based fast-food establishment.

Still feel like eating some pickles?


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