10 Things You Really Should Know About The New COVID-19 Vaccine

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By The Captain February 18, 2021

10 Things You Really Should Know About The New COVID-19 Vaccine 1

Should you take the AstraZeneca vaccine too?

Right now, it’s estimated that we’ll be well into 2021 before the majority of the population can get vaccinated. Therefore, if you’re a healthy adult and not part of the essential workforce, it might take some time until you’ll be entitled to request vaccination as well.

But what if you can get vaccinated and the only option available is AstraZeneca? Should you take it?

Experts say yes.

The World Health Organization has officially recommended everyone over 18 years old to use the AstraZeneca vaccine even in areas where new variants of the virus are present.

These are the places currently encountering new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus:

  • South Africa (variant 501Y.V2)
  • UK (variant b1.1.1.7)
  • Brazil (variant P.1)

Even though the new vaccine may give you less than 95% immunity for these new variants, you can still take it to avoid suffering any complications or severe symptoms if you contact the virus.

If you’re allergic to any ingredient of the vaccine, though, you should not take it to avoid any potential reactions. You can see the full ingredient list right here.


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