10 Tragic Cases of COVID-19 Hysteria

By M. C. October 26, 2021
covid hysteria

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Cases of Covid Hysteria: 

  • The Garlic Gaffe – At the beginning of the pandemic, one woman in Zhejiang, China’s Tiantai county, was admitted to hospital after consuming 3.3 pounds of garlic in two weeks. The reason? You guessed: to fight the virus. Because she ate 16 bulbs, she had various symptoms, believing that it was actually coronavirus. The woman suffered symptoms like burning and temporary muteness, because of the harsh inflammatory effects of the massive intake of garlic.
  • Iran’s Methanol Tragedy – For some people, the fear of a pandemic was too much of a burden, so they thought it’s a good reason to poison themselves. As we know, methanol is extremely different from ethanol, which is the alcohol we drink. But for some reason, lots of people in Iran were too afraid of dying, so they started consuming methanol. Tragically, adults gave methanol containing solutions to children as well. According to the Jakarta Post, 44 people in Iran died from their anti-Covid-19 methods (consumption of methanol, which is a type of alcohol that isn’t fit for human consumption).
  • The Toilet Paper Toil – One of the most amusing outcomes of the Covid-19 outbreak was the mass hysteria on toilet paper purchasing. Even funnier, people all over the world gathered at department stores, grocery stores, home supply shops, and even dollar stores in search of toilet paper. Some even ended up fighting, toilet paper has been hoarded, and online supplies have been depleted.
  • The Fast Food Fraud – Another example that happened at the beginning of the pandemic was that one 18-year-old McDonald’s employee from Ontario that convinced his doctor to lie about having Covid. The thing is, police got involved, the restaurant had been shut down, and sanitation professionals had been retained to disinfect the premises. Many people were affected, as they were all isolated at home due to the apparent possibility that they had contracted the virus. When the plan didn’t work, the 18-year-old scammer got arrested and charged for mischief, forgery, and fraud.

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