10 Unexpected Times You Should NOT Use Hand Sanitizer

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By The Captain April 21, 2021

10 Unexpected Times You Should NOT Use Hand Sanitizer 1

#4: You have just sanitized your hands

As the COVID-19 infection rate has been rapidly increasing, more and more people have acknowledged the importance of using hand sanitizer.

For some, though, this safety practice has quickly turned into an addiction – one that may be more dangerous than they think!

In short, the more hand sanitizer you use, the more you’ll harm your skin. Using this product excessively can lead to dry skin and might even cause irritation or cracks that actually increase the risk of germ or virus infections.

Therefore, using hand sanitizer every five minutes isn’t such as clever idea after all. Ideally, you should use this product every time you’ve been exposed. The CDC recommends rubbing the sanitizer all over your hands until they’re completely dry, which can last up to 20 seconds.


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