12 Misleading Foods You Should AVOID at All Costs

By The Captain February 1, 2021


Trail mix

So now we know that nuts are healthy and highly recommended due to their fat content. This should make trail mix a pretty healthy snack choice, right?

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Well, wrong. The trail mix you find packed in grocery stores often have many unhealthy add-ons that trick your senses while giving you added sugar and artificial flavors. The most common ingredients you might encounter are fried banana chips, sesame sticks, salty fried nuts or ‘yogurt-covered’ raisins.

If you want a healthy, tasty trail mix, it’s best to just purchase the ingredients separately and make your own mix as you wish. For example, you can mix nuts, seeds and some at-home dried fruit for extra sweetness.



Since we’re talking about snacks, many people still think that pretzels are a healthy snack choice. However, almost every brand manufacturing these products is using the same ingredients:

  • White flour, which is so processed that it has lost its nutrients and fiber intake;
  • Yeast
  • Salt, salt and salt again
  • Corn syrup

If you notice this recipe on the label, then you’re up for some empty calories that might leave you even hungrier than before your snack. If you just can’t let go of pretzels, make sure to pick those made with whole wheat flour. Other healthier alternatives include soy crisps, popcorn or grain crackers.



This grain looks – and sounds – so exotic that many people assume it’s healthy too. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case since couscous is basically a really tiny pasta.

Like most grains on the market, many couscous products are also refined to the point they have lost their nutritional properties. However, you can look for whole-wheat couscous or opt for its healthier, similarly-looking alternative: quinoa.


Flavored instant oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest cereals you can find on the market; it’s also very versatile and can be enjoyed as breakfast (overnight oats or our delicious oatmeal smoothie), dessert (oatmeal muffins) or as a yogurt topping.

However, not every product with the word ‘oatmeal’ written on the label is good – especially when it comes to instant oatmeal packets. Flavored packets contain added sugars and sodium, as well as artificial flavors – ingredients you’re much better off without.

Luckily, you can easily avoid such products by purchasing plain rolled or steel cut oats and use them to create your own delicious dishes. Whether you mix them with fresh fruit, add them to yogurt or create a delicious overnight mix, this versatile cereal should be part of everybody’s diet.


Multigrain bread

Lately, bread advertisers have started to use words like ‘7 grain’ and ‘multigrain’ to make their products seem much healthier; however, you should never let yourself be fooled by these statements and pick a product without reading the label.

Unfortunately, many brands using such words actually include refined grains in their breads which, unlike whole grains, don’t give you any fiber at all.


Packaged turkey

Turkey is one of the healthiest sources of lean protein out there; it can even be healthy if you use it alongside veggies to make a quick sandwich. However, many packaged turkey options can be dangerously high in sodium, an ingredient that increases your long-term risks for obesity and heart disease.

For example, a single two-ounce serving can sometimes reach 450 grams of sodium, which is one-third of the daily intake recommended by the American Heart Association. It’s equally important to note that package turkey is basically processed meat, which means it already contains less nutrients than self-cooked turkey meat does.


As a general conclusion, you can always enjoy the products mentioned above as well – just make sure you do it with moderation. Opt for their healthier alternatives as often as possible and be confident that you can turn any ingredient (even a plain one!) into a delicious treat all by yourself!


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