12 Strange Signs That You Might Have a Serious Illness

By The Captain December 9, 2020

Wellness Captain Strange Signs of a Serious Illness

  1. Trouble breathing

We already know that wearing a face mask can reduce our oxygen intake. Although this isn’t dangerous, it can become a problem when you’re working out outside – but even then, we have solutions to stay healthy right here.

But if you’re feeling like getting out of breath constantly, even without performing physical exercise, you should get checked by a doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes, this may be a sign of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a chronic condition which blocks your airflow.


  1. A black line on your nail

If you wake up with a dark line on one of your fingernails (and it’s not nail polish), do not ignore it. Even if you feel perfectly fine, this tiny sign can be caused by skin cancer. ALM, or Acral Lentiginous Melanoma, can appear under the nails, on the palm of your hands or on the soles of your feet, as per the AIM at Melanoma Foundation.

If you’re into nail polish, this sign is just another good reason to let your nails breathe for a while. Here are 9 other serious problems your nails might warn you about.


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