12 Strange Signs That You Might Have a Serious Illness

By The Captain December 9, 2020

Wellness Captain Strange Signs of a Serious Illness

  1. Swollen feet or fingers

Dr. Cory Fisher, family medicine physician at Cleveland Clinic, explains that swollen extremities aren’t usually a reason for concern; water retention or excessive salt consumption can be easily fixed by adopting healthier life habits.

However, sometimes this problem can hide an underlying condition such as kidney disease or even congestive heart failure. If your fingers or feet are swelling uncontrollably without any apparent cause, you should definitely call your doctor.


  1. Cloudy urine

Earlier on, we’ve discussed problems which can be signaled by your stool. Checking your urine is equally important, as it’s a great way of establishing if you need more water or have an infection.

According to Dr. Fisher, cloudy urine is usually one of the earliest signs of dehydration. Sometimes, though, it can also hide a urinary tract infection, kidney stones or diabetes.


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