12 Toxic Lies the Food Industry Keeps Telling You in 2021

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By The Captain April 4, 2021

12 Toxic Lies the Food Industry Keeps Telling You in 2021 1

#9. ‘Trans-fat free’ means zero trans fat

Foods nowadays contain three types of fat:

  • Monosaturated fats: the good guys you want to eat
  • Saturated fats: included in many foods, but can be harmful in the long run
  • Trans fats: the bad guys you should always avoid

Why are trans fats so bad? Aside from increasing your long-term risk of clogged arteries, heart problems and cancers, these fats also give you unwanted pounds without any real nutritional value.

According to the American Heart Association, several dairy and meat products are naturally rich in trans fats; however, these fats are most often included in deep-fried foods, ready-made meals and fast food.

Now, if a label says ‘trans fat free’ it shouldn’t have any trans fats, right?

Nope. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) actually allows manufacturers to use up to 0.5 grams of trans fats in their products and they can still label them as ‘trans fat free.’

If you see the word ‘hydrogenated’ on the label, your product still contains trans fats and you’re being tricked.


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