12 Toxic Lies the Food Industry Keeps Telling You in 2021

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By The Captain April 4, 2021

12 Toxic Lies the Food Industry Keeps Telling You in 2021 1

#12. ‘Personal size’ foods contain a single serving

As customers, we always love seeing how thoughtful food manufacturers are towards us. Reading things like ‘personal size’ written on the label has that effect, as it makes us feel like that product was made for us.

Does it seem special? Yes. Is it accurate? Most of the times, no.

The term ‘personal size’ makes us think that the product is made for a single person, which is us, the buyer. However, most packages labeled this way actually have two servings or even more.

The issue has been studied by Men’s Health in 2012: a microwaveable soup that was obviously designed for a single person actually had two serving sizes. The same goes for many granola bars which make you think they’re for one when they actually pack two servings or more.

This means that you’re eating twice the sugars, sodium and calories listed on the label and therefore more than your body really needs.


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