5 Bad Habits That Are Even WORSE Than You Think

By The Captain November 19, 2020

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Spending way too much

The pandemic, protests and now the Presidential elections have severely affected our economic situation nationwide – not to mention job cuts and reduced paychecks. Unfortunately, financial problems don’t just impact our wallets – but our physical health too.

A study from the journal Psychosomatic Medicine looked at 640 middle-aged adults. Sadly, those who experienced a rough time financially had considerably greater levels of inflammation; specialists believe this is due to a lack of positive emotions which brings hormonal fluctuations.

Wellness CaptainCaptain’s solution: Nicole Bereolos, PhD and clinical psychologist, says the best way to reduce financial stress is to find out where your money really is going. As a first step, you can simply write down your income sources and how you’re spending them. Sometimes having a clear view on your situation can make you feel much better about everything.


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