Strange COVID-19 Symptoms You Might Miss Too

By The Captain January 21, 2021
Strange COVID-19 Symptoms You Might Miss Too 1

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Happy hypoxia

While this is not a diagnosis per se, many COVID-19 patients have reported some strange symptoms which doctors call ‘happy hypoxia.’

These people are generally feeling well. They don’t experience any serious symptoms specific to COVID-19 yet sometimes the oxygen levels in their blood drops drastically, leading to reduced consciousness.

There’s also a huge challenge in putting the right diagnosis. Dr. Reuben Strayer, emergency physician at Maimonides Medical Center in NY, explains that ‘We are hearing reports from our ER colleagues about patients presenting with stroke and heart attack symptoms that end up being COVID-positive.’

Researchers are speculating that this strange symptom might be caused by tiny blood clots created in the lungs, although the theory isn’t 100% accurate since so many people get good test results otherwise.


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