7 Serious Eating Risks You Should Avoid This Pandemic

By The Captain January 27, 2021
7 Serious Eating Risks You Should Avoid This Pandemic 1

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  1. Limit your alcohol intake

If there’s something many of us miss about the pre-pandemic life, it’s definitely the possibility to go out and enjoy a few drinks with our friends. Although you may be able to go to a bar or restaurant safely, Mayo Clinic still recommends avoiding too much alcohol. American adults have sharply increased their consumption of alcohol by 19% during the coronavirus pandemic.

Why? Well, one of the first things affected by alcohol intake is our attention; that one extra drink might make us accidentally touch infected surfaces, touching our face or not respecting the recommended social distance of 6 feet.

All of these things can lead to a COVID-19 infection that can harm us or our loved ones – and it’s just not worth it.


  1. Always take your mask with you

Logically, you have to remove your mask in order to eat or drink. However, specialists at Mayo Clinic are still advising everyone to wear a mask whenever they’re not ‘actively eating or drinking’ to minimize the risk of infection.

Face masks are one of the most effective measures of protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and one of the few ways we can keep our loved ones safe during these difficult times.


These simple habits along with other recommended safety measures can make a huge difference and may even save somebody’s life.

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