8 Surprising Reasons You’re Always Hungry

By M. C. October 26, 2021
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  • You sweat all the small stuff – Most of us know how it’s like to munch through a bag of chips while working to meet a deadline. The thing is, when you’re stressed out most of the time, the cortisol hormone levels remain high, which only triggers the hunger hormones. In addition to that, chronically elevated cortisol produces glucose, which leads to increased blood sugar levels, and it’s also linked to insulin resistance, which is the cause of type 2 diabetes.”
  • You didn’t give up on white bread – You definitely heard before that it’s best to give up on white bread and switch to whole-grain versions. Have you wondered why? They contain fiber, which makes us feel more full, and they also contain more nutrients and complex carbohydrates. Refined grains, which can be found on white bread, have been stripped of their fiber, which causes blood sugar levels to spike, then plunge, leaving you “begging” for more bread.
  • You wait too long between meals – The ideal time is about four to five hours apart. If you’re going to eat between six hours, you should have a small snack in between. It’s important to respect that because eating on time will allow you to recognize hunger and satiety cues.
  • Your social feeds are filled with food pics – Honestly, you’re not to blame. Seeing tons of delicious plates on your Instagram or Facebook account can only make you hungry.

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