9 Foods You Didn’t Know Can Adversely Affect Your Brain

By The Captain July 4, 2021

9 Foods You Didn't Know Can Adversely Affect Your Brain 1

French fries and other fried foods

If you’re a fan of fried, processed food, you should expect some adverse effects to come your way. One such negative effect is cognitive impairment. Your ability to think straight and your level of intelligence can be damaged by fried and fatty foods which cause inflammation and damage the blood vessels that supply the brain with blood.

To get rid of your French fries and fatty foods obsession,  “start with altering what you order,” suggests Kristin Kirkpatrick, RDN, in Denver, and co-author of Skinny Liver. “Avoid fried options and opt for more whole grains and plants. Then change the number of days you go (for fast food) by half.”


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