Are Vaccines That Safe? Experts Discuss 8 Popular Theories

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By The Captain April 5, 2021

Are Vaccines That Safe? Experts Discuss 8 Popular Theories 1

Vaccines recommended for children

The first few years of our lives mark the debut of our immune system; this is the ideal time to get vaccinated for some of the most dangerous diseases that can still be contracted.

The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics are currently recommending the following vaccines to keep children safe:

  • Chickenpox (Varicella)
  • Diphtheria: a disease that affects the heart muscle and can lead to paralysis or heart failure
  • Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B): this infection affects the brain and spinal cord and may lead to intellectual disabilities and pneumonia
  • Hepatitis A: a serious condition that might cause liver and kidney failure along with several life-threatening blood abnormalities
  • Hepatitis B: much like the previous one, hepatitis B can cause liver failure and kidney disorders
  • The flu (influenza): it can affect the lungs by causing pneumonia and may be life-threatening
  • Measles: a severe condition that leads to encephalitis (brain swelling) and pneumonia
  • Mumps: it can cause meningitis (a brain and spinal cord infection) along with the inflammation of genitalia and deafness
  • Pertussis: can lead to pneumonia and it’s life-threatening
  • Polio: an aggressive illness that might cause paralysis can be fatal
  • Pneumococcal: this condition causes blood infections and meningitis
  • Rotavirus: although it’s not fatal, this virus can cause extreme diarrhea and severe dehydration that might require hospitalization
  • Rubella: the main symptoms are swollen lymph nodes and fever; in pregnant women, rubella can lead to stillbirth, birth defects or premature deliveries
  • Tetanus: it causes muscle spasms, fever and may even lead to broken bones and difficulties breathing.

Hepatitis A and B are transmitted through direct contact; Rotavirus can be contracted through the mouth and Tetanus is transmitted through skin cuts.

Aside from that, though, every other illness can be transmitted through air; this means the chances of getting the specific virus or bacteria are dangerously high.


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