COVID Nails – And Other 7 Strange Fingernail Symptoms

By M. C. November 19, 2021
covid nails problems

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Beau’s Lines

Some patients found new horizontal indentations in the bases of their nails, which are commonly known as Beau’s lines. They usually appear four weeks or more after the patient has been infected with Covid-19.

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Beau’s lines appear due to physical stress on the body, like an infection, malnutrition, or as a side-effect of medications, such as chemotherapy drugs. There are also other conditions linked to this condition, such as uncontrolled diabetes and peripheral vascular disease.

Beau’s lines can also appear as a sign of zinc deficiency. In conclusion, given the fact that coronavirus has similar effects on our immune system, it makes sense why they appear after a Covid-19 infection.

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