7 Simple Ways to Build the Perfect Booty

By The Captain July 6, 2019

Build the Perfect Booty Wellness Captain

Build the Perfect Booty

Everybody wants to be healthy and look good. But all good things take time and shaping your body to meet your standards is no easy task. There are, however, certain ways to speed up fat loss and tone your muscles in targeted areas of your body. Like the glutes.

If you throw these 7 types of exercise into your routine, you will absolutely feel the burn right in the gluteal muscles. So, what are you waiting for? Lose the fat and build your perfect glutes right now!


Running – Build the Perfect Booty

Running is one of the best exercises in terms of burning fat. It implies a full-body weight loss and does not target only a specific part. However, it does wonders to your legs and glutes, toning and giving them a more defined shape.

So, if you want to lose some weight from your buttocks area, running is definitely an option since you can burn hundreds of calories per training. Around 470 calories, if you’re keen on numbers. You can run indoors or outdoors without any special equipment other than good running shoes.


Step climbing – Build the Perfect Booty

If running does not seem to satisfy your needs, add step climbing to your routine. You’ll surely see a difference in all your muscle areas, including your glutes. That’s because climbing stairs is highly efficient when it comes to burning fat and cellulite deposits and boosting strength and muscle tone in the buttocks but also thighs and calves.



Apart from burning calories, climbing stairs is also a good way to improve your cardiovascular fitness. So, say goodbye to escalators and elevators and try stepping machines, flights of stairs or even hiking uphill to build the perfect glutes.


woman doing push-ups

High-intensity interval training – Build the Perfect Booty

HIIT has gained more and more popularity in recent years. It involves alternating high-intensity exercises with short rest periods.

It effectively boosts your metabolism to burn extra calories at a fast pace, even 24 hours after your training. This makes it perfect when it comes to burning fat in your buttocks area and working the major muscle groups. For a workout focused on glutes, include in your HIIT routine exercises such as jumping jacks, donkey kicks and planks.


Squats –Build the Perfect Booty

Squats are generally included in most workout plans. That’s because they can be performed by people of almost any fitness level and simultaneously engage various muscles in the posterior, legs and abdomen.



They are extremely efficient in shaping your glutes, making them firm and toned. Depending on how you squat, your glutes can be targeted more effectively. For example, if you push into your heels while standing up from the squat position or if your squat is deeper.


Lunges –Build the Perfect Booty

Simple as they may seem, lunges are quite effective in terms of activating and toning up your glutes. This lower-body strength exercise can be performed in various ways such as sideways, forward or transverse. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle and it is primarily targeted by forward or backward lunges.

To increase the intensity and burn even more calories from your rear area, you can do these types of lunges with a set of dumbbells or kettle bells.


Chair poses – Build the Perfect Booty

Our increasingly sedentary lives don’t help our glutes that much. That’s because sitting affects the rear muscles and they become underused and weak.



An effective way to tighten and strengthen them is to try sitting…without a chair. Enter the chair pose. Stand with your feet a little apart and sit down, as if on an imaginary chair. Keep your knees in line with your toes. Hold for 30 seconds. This yoga-type exercise puts stress on your glutes and helps you burn major calories while maintaining your posture.


Kicking – Build the Perfect Booty

Aside from squats and lunges, kicking seems to be the next best thing in burning fat and tightening the glutes. It is an extremely efficient isolation exercise with many variations that strengthen and bring maximum benefits to your posterior.

One type of this fat-busting exercise is to start on your hands and knees, lift your leg to a 45-degree angle and slowly bring it back down.  Other ways to engage your glutes but also hamstrings and thighs is the back-kick.  For extra challenge, you can also incorporate some equipment such as resistance bands.

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