Tone Your Body With These 7 Entertaining Sports

By The Captain August 8, 2019

Tone Your Body wellness captain

Tone Your Body

If you’re tired of the same cardio exercises or strength training you do at the gym, don’t despair! Just know you can achieve your ideal body weight and tone your body in other ways too.

These 7 sports will not only help you sculpt your body and lose weight but will also make this process fun and entertaining. Let’s find out how!



Tennis for arms

I’m sure you’ve noticed how toned and fit tennis players are, haven’t you? Their sculpted arms, in particular.

Well, you can also become the proud owner of such arms by swinging a racket a few hours a week. Playing tennis will work your biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms and help you burn fat while defining your muscles. An hour of slamming the ball over a net can result in burning between 500 and 800 calories, rivaling intense workouts such as running or skiing. Ready to tone your arms on the tennis court?


Biking for legs

If you want killer legs to go with your toned arms, then start pedaling! It will work wonders for your quadriceps of your thighs, hamstrings of your upper legs, calves and even abdominals.

Apart from strengthening the muscles of your bottom half, biking will also help you burn the excess fat and reveal the freshly toned muscles underneath. To spice things up, you can use toe clips to pull up or push down the pedals, especially if you opt for indoor cycling.


Swimming for upper body

Swimming works just about everything above your waist. Due to water being denser than air, pulling and moving through it is harder on your limbs than exercises on the ground.

You can do swimming laps in different styles to work various parts of your upper body. The butterfly, for example, is the most effective stroke in terms of upper body, activating your triceps and biceps muscles like no other. If you want to strengthen your back and chest muscles, try the breaststroke.


Running for entire body

No other exercise engages your entire body and helps you burn calories quite like running. First of all, it tones your legs, promoting healthy bones in your legs and spine and protecting against osteoporosis.

From calves, hamstrings to quadriceps, hip flexors and gluteus maximus, running defines and strengthens all of them in simple increments of 30 minutes, performed a few times a week. Running improves your cardiovascular and respiratory system, engaging your biceps, the muscles in your back and the abdominals which help you maintain your posture.


Dancing for core

If you want to tone your body in a fun but efficient way, then dancing is the right option for you! Why? Because a 30-minute dance session burns around 130-250 calories, helping you melt fat and slimming your core muscles, including abs, hips and lower back, all on the rhythm of your choice.

Apart from toning and strengthening your core, dancing is also a great way to restore your energy, boost your confidence and improve your balance and posture. So, are you ready to hit the dance floor?


Bowling for upper and lower body

When you think of bowling, you probably don’t think of it as a workout. But it can be. And a really efficient one at that.

Due to all the swinging, throwing and flexing you do while playing, bowling can help you develop and strengthen your forearm muscles, shoulders, tendons, ligaments and joints in your arms. More than that, all the walking around with 16 pounds weighing balls puts your legs to work, activating and defining the muscles in your lower body. So, leave no pin standing and no muscles unattended!


Golf for longevity

For most of us, golf is a sport for relaxation and fun. But did you know it is also a good exercise to keep you toned, while adding years to your life in the process?

Research suggests that golf can extend a player’s life up to 5 years. How? It’s not really about swinging your club but about all the walking. A round of golf lasts around 5 hours on an average course of four miles. Imagine walking 18 holes, 2 to four times a week, climbing hills, bending to get the ball, hitting it and son on! You end up doing this for miles, working your lower body, abdominals, burning calories and improving your endurance and overall health.



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