Experts Finally Bust These 6 Myths About Fitness After 50

By The Captain October 16, 2020

Wellness Captain Myths About Fitness After 50

We already know that staying active is crucial in order to live a long, happy life. Right now, Mayo Clinic recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day (yes, walking counts too!).

Although this recommendation involves people of all ages, many adults over 50 still live with the misconception that they can’t or don’t need exercise anymore. Simply said, there is absolutely no reason not to stay physically active unless your doctor advices so.

I’ve done my research on studies and experts’ opinions and managed to bust of the most common myths about fitness after 50. My biggest surprise was that even I believed some of them were true, especially no. 6 on the list.

Stick with us until the end of the post to get some extra tips on maintaining a good physical condition regardless of age.

Ready? Let’s begin!


Myth #1: ‘I can’t run anymore’

If you spend most of your daytime binge watching on the couch, you probably shouldn’t start exercising by attending a marathon. However, running – even for a few minutes daily – can work wonders for your cardiovascular and mental health.

Chad McCann, DPT, CSCS, says that most of his patients over 50 believed that running is forbidden due to the pressure applied on the joints while moving. To be clear, as long as you’re running at a comfortable pace and adopt the correct posture, there is no risk for developing arthritis or even joint damage.

Our Beginner’s Guide to Running for the Win may help you get started on the right track and improve your physical condition instantly.


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