6 Things Takeout Skeptics Want You To Know

By M. C. November 17, 2021
6 Things Takeout Skeptics Want You To Know 1

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After receiving a wincingly high credit card bill, you start to wonder what you did to deserve this. You start questioning every little decision you’ve made in the past month and cancel all your favorite subscriptions, you might even decide on a “no-spend” month. If you don’t like to cook and you don’t have any unhidden talents in this area, you probably like to order takeout… A lot.

Don’t worry, most of us do, it’s not a secret that many people prefer clicking 3 buttons and having a rapid and deliciously cooked dinner at their door. But it’s a budget-killer.

We decided to ask a bunch of people who actually managed to stay away from ordering takeout food, and the lessons we learned are…actually, forget it. There are no words to describe it. Here are 6 things we’ve learned about people who actively decided not to order or were never fans of takeout food to start with.


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