5 Cardio Exercises you should try instead of running

By The Captain September 3, 2019

 Cardio Exercises wellness captain

Cardio Exercises

Running is a very efficient cardio workout that helps us lower the risk of heart disease, burn calories and lose unwanted pounds. But it can also put a lot of stress on our joints and limbs. And sometimes, hopping on a treadmill or running in the same places can become a mental drag.

If running is too tough or too boring for you, try these cardio exercises that are the perfect replacement. They’re fun, efficient and offer a whole load of benefits!

 Cardio Exercises wellness captain

cap Indoor cycling

If you want a runner’s high minus the running, an efficient alternative is indoor cycling. This type of activity can bring you the same adrenaline rush and endorphins as running, while keeping your heart rate up for 45-60 minutes.

Whether you do it alone or join a cycling class, indoor cycling can help you reduce the risk of coronary artery disease while keeping you toned and increasing your overall muscle endurance.

 Cardio Exercises wellness captain

cap Jumping rope

If you want to add a little fun and creativity to your cardio training, try jumping rope. It’s easy and you can do it anywhere there’s a little bit of space to safely swing the rope.

Jumping rope is quite efficient in elevating your heart rate and helping you burn the extra calories. according to studies, jumping rope for 10 minutes is as efficient as jogging for 30 minutes.

There are a lot of jump rope variations, among which the single-leg jumps, the running in place or the wide-to-narrow jumps. Get creative!

 Cardio Exercises wellness captain

cap Boxing 

Boxing or kickboxing may seem like a tough sport, but you don’t have to step into the ring to do it. As a cardio workout, it trains your core, improves your total body-strength and enhances your cardiovascular health, without you ever getting a punch.

Being a full body movement, it simultaneously contracts a great number of muscles and increases your heart rate, consequently producing a higher fat burning effect.

 Cardio Exercises wellness captain

cap Rowing machine

Another great type of cardio workout with significant results in terms of muscle conditioning and cardiovascular fitness is rowing. It works almost your entire body, from your core to legs, arms and core.

Rowing effectively raises your heart rate to a vigorous intensity range and keep it that way throughout a 30 to 60 minutes workout. Compared to running, you apply minimum stress on parts of your body but manage to strengthen it, nonetheless.

 Cardio Exercises wellness captain

cap Loaded carries

Loaded carries are as old as time. People have been lifting and carrying things since forever.

At the gym, you do it with kettlebells, barbells or dumbbells, either carrying them in both arms or just one at a time. Loaded carries effectively work your upper back and are amazing for building strength in your arms and core.

To make things more challenging, you can either speed up your walking or hold your arms over your shoulders instead of having the weights by your side.


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