Best 30-Minute Workout to Stay Trim This Thanksgiving

By The Captain November 25, 2019

 30-Minute Workout

30-Minute Workout to Stay Trim This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day is very challenging because everyone’s so busy. Wake up early, put your turkey in the oven, do your other chores and make some time for your workout.

It doesn’t have to be a long one, just enough to burn some extra calories. A 30 minutes workout is just perfect for this day, it will make you feel better about yourself later when all the delicious food is on the table, and, of course, you deserve to eat it too!

You don’t have to say NO to food if you say YES to a little workout session in the morning. I know that most people would want to sit down and relax during a small window of free time, but not you. You want to sweat and burn off calories so you can indulge later, right?

I know time is priceless around holidays, so here’s a 30 minutes workout just in time for Thanksgiving.

Best 30-Minute Workout to Stay Trim This Thanksgiving 1Warm-up

Jog: 1 minute of jogging in place will get your heart pumping and prepare you for this workout

Jumping jacks: 1 minute of these because it’s so fun and it will bring you back to your childhood

Burpees: 15 burpees to finish the warm-up, you’ll be thankful later


Best 30-Minute Workout to Stay Trim This Thanksgiving 1Circuit workout

Squat jumps: 15 reps to get your blood pumping even more!
Stand in a squat position, make sure your knees do not go over your toes. Use your muscles to push your body off the ground while reaching as high as you can.

Push-ups: 15 reps or until you can’t feel your hands anymore
Start this exercise in a plank position with your hands a little wider than your shoulders width. Lower your body off the ground and then push up

Lunges: 15-20 reps. This exercise will help you tone your legs!
Start with the right leg in front and your arms down at your sides. Bend your knee, but be careful not to go over your toes, and stop when your thigh is parallel to the ground. Push up off your right foot and return to the starting position. Repeat this move with your left leg as well.

Plank: 60 seconds
Try doing the plank for 1 minute concentrating on keeping your abdominal and lower back muscles tightened to prevent bending at the hips.

Repeat this circuit three times.

If you went this far, congratulations! You just did your Thanksgiving workout. Stretch your muscles for a few minutes then enjoy your turkey and be thankful for everything you have!

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