6 Must-Do Exercises for Sculpted Abs

By The Captain March 19, 2019

woman doing plank

Want to have sculpted abs and a rock-hard midsection? Then you’re in luck. Your dream abs are only a few exercises away.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 must-do moves to help you out in building and shaping your abdominal muscles. So, stop wasting any more time! Include them in your routine and you won’t regret it.

barbell back squat

Barbell back squat

Squats are the type of exercise that puts constant tension in your abs and core. Add some barbells to the equation and the results will be even more visible.

6 Must-Do Exercises for Sculpted Abs 1 How it’s done: Plant your feet on the ground, shoulder-width apart. Take a barbell and put on the back of your shoulders. Position yourself like you want to sit on a chair, bending your knees and pushing your glutes back. Push through your heels to come back to the starting position. Try 3 sets of 8-10 reps.


ab-wheel roll out

Ab-wheel roll out

Unlike other equipment advertised for abdominal training, ab-wheels are surprisingly efficient in sculpting your abs. This type of exercise works your entire core but also obliques, lower back and hips.

6 Must-Do Exercises for Sculpted Abs 1 How it’s done: On your knees, pick the ab-wheel with both hands and roll out with it in front of you, preferably towards a wall. Tense your glutes and tilt your spine into a stable position. Reverse the movement and return to the starting position. In time, you can extend the distance or skip the wall part.


people planking


Everyone who’s done the plank knows that the exercise may look simple, but it undoubtedly is one of the most core engaging. Its benefits extend beyond the ab muscles to the arms, legs, obliques, and lower back.

6 Must-Do Exercises for Sculpted Abs 1 How it’s done: Lie down facing the ground and position yourself on your forearms. Keep your body in a straight line and your forearms parallel to one another. Squeeze your entire body for 20 to 40 seconds. To make it more challenging, you can increase the time and difficulty. Either raise one leg, one arm or even include a TRX.


exercise ball pike

Exercise ball-pike

It may seem like a difficult position to be in, but it has been demonstrated that the exercise ball-pike is a functional total body workout. It targets the upper abs, lower abs, obliques and improves core strength and balance.

6 Must-Do Exercises for Sculpted Abs 1 How it’s done: From a plank position, roll out on the exercise ball until the ball is under your knees or shins. Roll with it until you find a stable position. Engage your ab muscles to push your hips into the pike position. Keep your legs straight, arms aiming towards the floor and hips bent. From the inverted V position, use the abdominal muscles again to get back to plank position.


bird dog exercise

Bird dog

Don’t let its name confuse you. This bodyweight exercise works the abdominal muscles, lower back, glutes and obliques in ways you have never considered. It is also effective in reducing lower back pain and increase stability.

6 Must-Do Exercises for Sculpted Abs 1 How it’s done: Start on your knees, hip-width apart and hands on the floor. Brace your core and raise your arm straight in front of you and the opposite leg behind you. Your arm and leg should form a straight line, at the same level as your torso. Keep your back straight and hold for a few seconds. Return to the starting position and start on the other side.


russian twist

Russian twist 

Dissolving the fat around the waist area involves a lot of hard work and various exercises. The Russian twist is one of those exercises. It engages all the abdominal muscles and trims your abdomen to perfection.

6 Must-Do Exercises for Sculpted Abs 1 How it’s done: Stand on the floor, with your knees bent and heels planted on the ground. Lean back until you feel the tension in your abs. With the medicinal ball or dumbbell in both hands, gently rotate your trunk to the left, not your shoulders. Inhale and rotate to the right. To amplify the workout, increase the angle or lift your feet off the ground.

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