13 Perfect Tips If You Have Trouble Waking Up

By M. C. August 23, 2021
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Some people aren’t made for early mornings. When you know you have to wake up and rush to work in less than 30 minutes, the fatigue you’re waking up with can be even more overwhelming. In an ideal scenario, the best way to avoid tiredness is to prevent it in the first place by resting well at night.

Specialists from the National Sleep Foundation are recommending seven to nine hours of sleep per night, but it’s also important to have a good sleep routine.

There are some crucial factors for that, such as sleeping in a dark room, at a cool temperature on a comfortable bed, and avoiding too much screen time.

But if you still have problems waking up in the morning, no matter your sleep ritual, we’ll give you 13 tips on how to wake up when you’re not a morning person.

Trouble waking up? Try out these tips: 

  1. Place your alarm across the room – This is one of the most effective pieces of advice we’ve ever known: placing your alarm on the other side of the room will help you wake up immediately, without the villainous act of hitting the snooze button while you’re still asleep. And while you have a love-hate relationship with your morning clock, we recommend you this alarm that will guarantee you a softer wake-up morning call.
  2. Make your bed –This simple action will make you feel like you’ve already accomplished something and will leave you more energized and ready to rule the day.
  3. Sit up when you wake up – By sitting up in your bed, you’ll be assured not to fall again in your sweet and comfy sheets.
  4. Let the sunshine in – Opening your curtains and embracing some sunlight will synchronize your circadian rhythms and tell your brain it’s time to be awake.
  5. Tug on your hair – It may sound weird at first, but it has been proven to work: gently tug your hair in the morning, and you’ll feel more awake and alert.
  6. Grab a super minty mint – Chewing gum or having a minty snack can help you wake up faster, thanks to the smell of peppermint that helps you feel less tired.
  7. Try reading fiction – Sometimes we’re just too sleepy to work at all, so experts are recommending doing something creative in order to help our brains to wake up.
  8. Splash your face with water – Getting some fresh cold water on your face in the morning can help signal your body to wake up.
  9. Try smelling essential oils – Try smelling some bright and happy scents if you feel tired at work, like peppermint, rosemary, and lemon oils. They will have an energizing effect.
  10. Treat yourself – If you plan something nice for yourself every morning, you will be more excited to start the day. Planning a nice cup of coffee or scheduling having breakfast with your friend can motivate you better to get out of bed.
  11. Prepare the night before – Try preparing your clothes and breakfast the night before, especially if you know you have trouble waking up in the morning.
  12. Give yourself a break – Sometimes just letting yourself feel tired and take things easy is the right thing to do. Try removing any additional and useless pressure, so you can go on with your daily tasks.
  13. Schedule your breaks – Having a ton of work to do when you’re feeling completely exhausted can be lead you surely to burnout. To avoid that, try pre-planning regular breaks.


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