12 Effective Acid Reflux Remedies You Can Make at Home

By I. A. July 22, 2021
Acid reflux remedies

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A burning feeling in your stomach, nausea, bloating, overall discomfort, does this sound familiar? If it does, you’re probably dealing with acid reflux. Everyone has had this problem at least once in their lifetime.

Acid reflux happens when acid from your stomach comes back up in your esophagus, which can cause inflammation and irritation that lead to the symptoms described above.

If this happens often, there are certain lifestyle and diet changes you can talk about with your doctor. But if you’ve just had a big meal and you’re not feeling that great, you can give home remedies a try, before running to the pharmacy.

Continue reading to find out the top 12 changes you can make in your diet that will help with relieving your symptoms.


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