7 ‘Vices’ Your Doctor Actually Wants You to Have

By The Captain November 13, 2020

Wellness Captain Vices That Are Good For You

Nowadays, it seems like almost anything we enjoy is labeled as unhealthy, immoral or simply bad for your wellbeing.

Today, I’m here to break this myth.

Luckily for us, there are a few ‘vices’ we can actually enjoy – and they bring many health benefits too! Some keep you in good shape (surprisingly!), some improve your mood and others may even help you fight off disease.

We deserve to enjoy life’s little pleasures especially during difficult times like these. Here are 7 ‘bad-for-you’ habits you can enjoy all you want:


Eat chocolate daily

Yeah, it’s loaded with sugar and most of the times it has artificial flavors too. However, doctors and nutritionists actually recommend eating a small serving of chocolate every single day.

The trick?

Stick to the healthy alternatives. Most of the times, this means plain, dark chocolate, since it has a very low sugar and fat intake. Cocoa is known for reducing blood pressure, as well as your stroke risk.

Nieca Goldberg, MD, explains that dark chocolate is an excellent source of flavonoids – antioxidants which can improve the flexibility of your blood vessels. Ideally, you should pick a product with at least 75% cacao content; stay within these healthy limits and you can satisfy your sweet tooth and physical health daily!


Drink wine with dinner

Generally, specialists recommend avoiding alcohol as it can often cause dehydration and affect your liver in the long run – not to mention the awful hangovers.

But what about a glass of wine at dinnertime?

Luckily, this habit can actually provide you with health benefits (if you stick to recommended limits of two glasses of wine for men and one glass for ladies).

Wine is rich in antioxidants, which strengthen your immune system by keeping toxic free radicals at bay (more on antioxidants in my post right here).


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