Scheduled for COVID-19 Vaccine? Here’s What To Do Before Your Appointment

By The Captain January 18, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine

It’s an unprecedented time in history. Mass vaccination programs have started all over the world, in what most of us hope to be the beginning of the end for the coronavirus pandemic.

The first ones to get the vaccine are healthcare personnel and long-term care facility residents, followed by frontline essential workers, people aged 65—74 years and people aged 16—64 years with underlying medical conditions. The immunization program will expand to even more groups as the vaccine availability increases, until everyone can easily receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

When the vaccine becomes available to your group, here is what you need to do before your vaccine appointment. If you belong to one of these 4 groups of people, you shouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine just yet.


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