5 Serious Reasons You Should Not Ignore Constipation

By The Captain July 6, 2020

5 serious reasons you should not ignore constipation Wellness Captain

You should not ignore constipation

We often laugh at constipation, although there is nothing to laugh about, it can make your life miserable. Constipation is the most common digestive complaint in the U.S. population and when it comes to adults, it occurs when the number of stools falls below three per week. The causes can be multiple: a low fiber diet, lack of proper hydration, a sedentary life or certain associated serious disorders.

Constipation is not a condition in itself, but the manifestation of another health or lifestyle problems. Some of them can be managed with healthy habits but there are some you should really not ignore, as you will discover below.

The most common and easy to fix causes of constipation are:


  • A diet that lacks fruits, vegetables, grains, dietary fiber and too rich in meat and processed foods – remember that a diet high in fat from meat, cheese and eggs can lead to constipation.
  • Lack of proper hydration – fluids play an important role in regulating intestinal transit because they give volume to the stool and facilitate its elimination. During the day, make sure you consume at least 8 cups of liquid (water, soups, broths, fruit and vegetable juices or teas) to prevent constipation.
  • Excessive consumption of coffee or alcoholic beverages – drinks that contain caffeine (coffee, cola, black tea) are not recommended because they can cause dehydration and can increase constipation, the effect being the opposite of what is desired. This also applies to beverages that contain alcohol.
  • Changing your daily schedule, travel, delegations can also lead to constipation. We include here pregnancy, change of job, a trip or any other change of daily routine.
  • Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise – a sedentary lifestyle can help trigger constipation due to the slow activity of the colon. That is why a person immobilized in bed – following an accident or an illness – will face such problems.
  • And some medications or dietary supplements can slow down intestinal transit. We include antidepressants, iron supplements, pain medications, those for lowering blood pressure or antidepressants, taking excess laxatives and the list goes on.
  • Aging, characterized by a slower metabolism, can also be a cause of constipation.
  • Last but not least, depression and a high level of stress can promote constipation.




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