7 Body Parts You Should Keep Your Hands Off

By The Captain November 25, 2020

7 Body Parts You Should Keep Your Hands Off 1

We brush the hair from our eyes, twirl our mustaches, rest our chins in our hands, bite our nails or scratch our noses, all the while forgetting a very important thing: our hands are not our friends, especially with a very dangerous virus such as COVID-19 on the prowl. Our hands are covered in all sorts of germs, bacteria and viruses that can reach other parts of our bodies and even other people.

Touching various parts of your body, like your eyes or mouth, might seem harmless but it can lead to serious health issues. To make sure you, and other people around you, stay healthy and protected against illnesses, avoid touching these places with your hands.


Stop touching your face

Take a look around your office or any coffee shop for that matter, and you’ll notice that a lot of people touch their faces in one way or another, most of the times, without even realizing. But here’s the thing: if you don’t wash your face or apply some moisturizer right after you’ve touched it, you’d better keep your paws off.

Microbiologists warn about the germs on your fingers and their adverse effects on your skin. “Your hands contain oils that can plug your pores and worsen your acne. The germs on your fingers can exacerbate this effect,” according to chemist and microbiologist Matthew Lee. If pimples form on your face, don’t pop them because it might slow down the healing process and leave you with scars. Also, check out these 5 Skin Care Products You Should Never Use on Your Face, According to Dermatologists.


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