Rejuvenate your body with one of these 3 amazing diets – recommended by science

By The Captain June 4, 2020

Rejuvenate your body with one of these 3 diets Wellness captain

Rejuvenate your body!

Science confirms that the effects of aging can be counteracted by foods that stimulate stem cells to act as they did when the body was young. Stem cells not only maintain youth, but can also regenerate tissues affected by the aging process. Studies show more and more evidence about how the foods we eat can have an essential influence on the health of the body. 

Harvard scientist, Dr. William W. Li, believes that foods such as plums, cinnamon, mayonnaise bread, black beans, San Marzano tomatoes, olive oil, Camembert and cheddar cheeses improve health, fight cancer, reduce the risk of dementia. and ameliorating many other diseases, as the researcher shows in the book “Eat and Overcome Disease.” 

In the case of a chronic disease, the activation of stem cells helps to fight the damage caused to the tissues. Among the strongest food stimulants of stem cells are fish oil, whole wheat, green beans, turmeric, rice bran, blueberries, currants, hazelnuts, green tea, pomegranate and dark chocolate.


Diets to follow to rejuvenate your body:

1. Mediterranean diet

Initially, this was not a diet in itself, but rather a food pattern of people living in Mediterranean countries. This diet is associated with clearly superior results in terms of heart health, but also with the stimulation of stem cells to help regenerate the body. The diet includes the consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, extra virgin olive oil and fish. 

2. Caloric restrictions and fasting

Fasting is not foreign to mankind, on the contrary, it is a state and/or practice that has governed our existence throughout evolution. Our metabolism has not only evolved to tolerate caloric restrictions, but in fact works perfectly in these conditions. In-depth studies show that caloric restrictions (reducing calorie intake by 20-40%) activate stem cells in the intestines, which helps regenerate cells in the gastrointestinal tract. Researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and China Military Medical University have even shown that fasting can stimulate brain regeneration.

3. Ketogenic diet

Not all stem cells are beneficial, cancer stem cells are extremely dangerous. The ketogenic diet consumes foods high in good fats, with a very low carbohydrate content, which mimics fasting in order to generate ketones from the body. Ketones are produced from fats stored in the liver when carbohydrates from which the metabolism produces glucose are not available. Cells use ketones as an energy source instead of glucose. Normally, healthy cells can adapt to this strategy, but cancer cells cannot do so because they are based on glucose. This diet is also used for medical purposes to control seizures in people who do not respond to medication.

Other foods that fight cancer stem cells are: green tea, purple potatoes, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, celery, plums, pomegranates, peppers.


What is the best diet for cancer patients?

According to dr. William W. Li, a person battling a malignant disease should have a balanced diet, with a focus on foods that increase the body’s ability to defend itself against malignant processes. Thus, the antiangiogenesis by which malignant cells are cut off from the blood supply is important. Foods such as tomatoes, soy, garlic, cruciferous vegetables, strawberries, carrots and green tea have antiangiogenic properties.

The immune system must also be maintained at optimal levels and can be helped by eating broccoli, olives, olive oil, pecans, tomatoes and mushrooms. Some foods contain substances that kill malignant stem cells, the primary cells from which malignant cells can form again and lead to tumor recurrence. In this situation, dark chocolate, red potato, walnuts and extra virgin olive oil help. 

Dr. William W. Li is a renowned physician and scientist, author of the New York Times bestseller “Eat and Overcome Disease.” His studies have contributed to the development of over 30 treatments, with applications in the therapy of over 70 diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Dr. William W. Li has made numerous appearances on the Good Morning America or Dr. Oz Show, as well as on CNN and CNBC. He is currently the president and medical director of the Foundation for Angiogenesis and is involved in research on COVID-19.


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