Breaking News! Coronavirus Alert in California – 11 declared deaths

By The Captain March 5, 2020

Breaking NEWS: California declares state of emergency

coronavirus alert

Currently, 11 coronavirus deaths have been reported according to the Washington Post and more than 150 cases have been confirmed acording to

Researchers from China declared that the deadly virus has at least one mutation and now is more powerful but also hard to combat.

The biggest companies in the world are trying to prevent the spread of the COVID-19

Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Apple have already restricted all travel to China and canceled big events. They have encouraged their employees to work from home.

Recommendations for prevention

– if you have fever, respiratory symptoms or you feel sick you should stay at home and avoid contact with other people
– clean your house carefully using sanitizer solution
– wash your hand frequently for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face
– avoid crowded places like markets or the subway
– use a protection mask if you are outdoor
– increase your immunity system

Emergency Box for surviving Coronavirus Alert

Make sure you are ready in case of emergency!

Send us a message with your location and how you are handling the current situation!

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