12 Diabetes Complications You May Have Without Knowing

By The Captain September 29, 2020

Wellness Captain Diabetes Complications

Anyone suffering from type 2 diabetes knows about the major complications they can experience if they leave the disease untreated, such as sight loss or leg amputation. Thankfully, today’s technology makes it extremely easy to prevent such tragic outcomes.

However, there may be other silent complications that occur when you don’t manage your illness properly. I think it’s time we all learnt a bit about the risks we expose ourselves to and how we can stay safe and live a long, happy life.


12 Silent Diabetes Complications


  1. Increased gum infections

Patients diagnosed with diabetes may have less saliva than healthy individuals. George L. King, research director at the Joslin Diabetes Center, says that dry mouth generally increases the risk of cavities and other gum diseases.

The easiest way to prevent such outcomes is to simply get checked by a specialist multiple times a year. Additionally, people with diabetes should be much more vigilant about flossing and brushing their teeth.

Our dental essential kit can help you protect your cavities regardless of where you are.


  1. Urinary tract infections

Almost everyone may struggle with an urinary tract infection at some point during their lifetime. However, people with diabetes may be more prone to such diagnosis and might also present more severe symptoms. A 2015 study published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity shows that, when left untreated, these cases can even end up with hospitalization and long-term treatments.


  1. Sexual function may be affected

Intimacy can also suffer if you don’t manage diabetes properly. Data from the Joslin Diabetes Center shows that over 50% of men diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Meanwhile, 35% of women with diabetes could experience lack of desire, pain or discomfort during intimate moments. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease explains that it happens because high blood sugar levels can alter blood vessels and nerves which are essential for a good intercourse.


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