New Coronavirus Mutation Revealed by Scientists! Is it More Dangerous?

By The Captain March 10, 2020

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Coronavirus Mutation

Considering how the world is trying to handle the new coronavirus outbreak, I’d say we’re having a pretty rough start of the year. But things could’ve been much worse – at least that’s what Chinese scientists say after finding a new strain of the virus.

COVID-19 already mutated once

While we do know some precautionary measures that do work to protect us against the new coronavirus, there’s so much more to learn. If that wasn’t enough, a team of scientists at the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai discovered a more aggressive strain of the new coronavirus.

The study published in the National Science Review analyzed multiple strains gathered from patients in Wuhan (where the disease first appeared). Apparently, 70% of the strains had this new, aggressive type of virus and only 30% accounted for the milder form of COVID-19.

The mutation seems to have developed during the very early stages of the illness, at the end of 2019, only being found in Wuhan. Since then, its frequency decreased considerably. Researchers explained that the mutation was ‘likely caused by natural selection besides recombination.’

Could the new coronavirus mutate again?

After all, if the COVID-19 had suffered a mutation so early since its outbreak, why wouldn’t it be possible again?

Right now, scientists are still trying to evaluate such potential risks. Researchers at Perking University’s School of Life Sciences mentioned that the examined data in this study was ‘very limited’ and that they need more similar studies to get a ‘better understanding’ of how the new coronavirus is behaving.

The team further added that ‘These findings strongly support an urgent need for further immediate, comprehensive studies that combine genomic data, epidemiological data, and chart records of the clinical symptoms of patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).’


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