8 Surprising Traits You Never Knew They Could Be Hereditary

By The Captain September 30, 2020
8 Surprising Traits You Never Knew They Could Be Hereditary 1


You can thank your parents for your athletic body, spectacular eye color or blame them for your receding hairline, but the things you can inherit from them go beyond the way you look. From your love for coffee to your driving skills or lack thereof, here are some surprising traits you never realized that could be hereditary.

Spoiler alert: Men and women finally have an explanation for not seeing eye to eye!

How much you sleep

There might be a very good reason behind your aversion towards waking up early in the morning. It’s called genetics! According to one of the largest sleep studies ever carried out, published in Nature Communications in 2019, sleeping patterns might actually be inherited from mom and dad.

With around 78 regions of genes associated with sleep, it appears that several sleep traits, including when and how long you sleep, are hereditary and get passed down from parents to their children. Needless to say, sleep, or lack thereof, may affect other areas of your health, causing other problems such as diabetes, and even heart disease. Suffering from insomnia? Blame it on your genes!

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