12 Foods To Eat if You Have Diabetes

By M. C. November 10, 2021
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Photo by Larisa Blinova from Shutterstock

When you have diabetes, it’s very difficult to figure out what the best foods to eat are. In order to keep things simple, your main goal is to know how to manage your blood sugar levels. Also, it’s important to eat foods that help prevent complications with diabetes, such as heart disease.

Your food choices matter a lot, as some are better than others. But on a positive note, nothing is completely off-limits. You might think that some foods are bad, but they can be occasional treats, in small amounts. Of course, I’m not sure if they will help you nutrition-wise, and it’s easier to manage your diabetes if you stick to the best options. If you have diabetes, let’s see what the best foods are for you.


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