What Do 1 in 4 Women Think About Most, S-e-x or Food?

By The Captain May 15, 2020

What Do Women Think About Most, Sex or Food - Wellness Captain

What Do Women Think About Most?

Would you believe that women spend more time thinking about what they should eat than the relationship  they are involved in?

Well, according to a study commissioned by weight-loss company Atkins, this is more fact than fiction.

1,290 women were surveyed by the diet company and 54% confessed they thought about food more than s-e-x.

Also, one in four women admitted that their diet is much more important than their love  lives.

The results, which are extremely surprising, also show that women feel more guilty if they do not follow the diet they set out to do than if they cheat on their husband or friend.

Linda O’Byrne, chief nutritionist at Atkins, declared: “Following a diet should not become an obsession.

It is not healthy and, in addition, it is counterproductive. The last thing anyone who wants a diet could want is for this diet to have a negative impact on life… ”

Now you know What Do Women Think About Most but…I might add that Men have not been consulted on this issue…

Atkins Company – Linda O’Byrne 

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