How Sleeping Well Can Boost Your Immunity

By The Captain March 28, 2020

Wellness Captain How Sleep Boosts Your Immunity

Boost Your Immunity

Ironically, sleep is among the most beneficial – and overlooked – aspects of our daily life. If you’re like me, you probably traded sleep for late-night dinners, work or TV shows too.

A recent study conducted at the University of Tübingen, Germany, proved that simply getting a good night’s rest can give you a valuable immunity boost. In times like these, I’d say this should be our main focus, especially when staying at home offers more time for good-quality sleep.

How sleep can boost your immunity

The study, published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, explored how sleep influences the effectiveness of specialized immune cells, known as T cells.

This type of cells helps your body recognize foreign pathogens that could be harmful. When they sense a potential threat, T cells activate integrins which are proteins that help the cells tackle the targets.

Researchers analyzed T cells samples from people who slept versus the ones who stayed awake for longer periods. The result? Well-rested people had higher levels of integrin activation, meaning their immune system was more effective than on those who lacked sleep.

In another publication, Eric J. Olson, M.D., explains that your body releases cytokines during sleep. These proteins help your body to fight off infection and inflammation, but the less you sleep, the more their production decreases.


Improve your sleep today – boost your immunity 

…thank yourself tomorrow! With all the stress around the globe right now, though, it might be difficult to get a good dose of sleep every night. Before you go, I want to share some tips and tricks that help me sleep better most nights:

  • White noise. The silence of the night leaves room for plenty of thoughts to flood your mind. A white noise machine like this one, which has 20 soothing sounds, can make falling (and staying asleep much easier;
  • Great pillows. Your pillow might’ve been a great pick, but even the best items can alter their shape and properties over time. Consider replacing your pillow for a new one every now and then; I’d recommend this Coop Home Goods pillow especially for back sleepers because you can control the loft level by removing or adding the fill.
  • Sleep supplements. If you’ve been struggling to fall asleep for a longer time, taking melatonin supplements might do wonders. The Natrol Melatonin Tablets, for instance, dissolve quickly without needing water. If you’re more comfortable with a spray, though, Source Naturals NutraSpray has some great reviews from customers who can now sleep better.

So, now you have the secret! Get a good sleep and boost your immunity!

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