How to Treat Fine Lines Around the Eyes (+ Prevention)

By The Captain August 25, 2020

Wellness Captain How to Treat Fine Lines Around the Eyes

The first time I heard the term ‘crow’s feet’ and the fact that everyone gets it at some point, I was scared to say the least. To me, this term is far too frightening for such a natural change in our skin.

In fact, crow’s feet are the fine lines that appear around your eyes after a certain age. Ironically enough, one of their main causes is smiling and laughing daily!

However, these lines may not be as flattering as they appear in movies – or maybe you just want to cut a few years off your looks.

Today Dr. Monica Li, dermatologist and clinical instructor in the department of dermatology at the University of British Columbia, shares her top tips on how to treat and prevent fine lines around the eyes.


Why do fine lines show around the eyes?

Great question. Sure, as we age our skin ends up developing wrinkles all across the face, but why is the eye area affected so early?

Dr. Monica Li explains that this skin is among the thinnest of all areas on the body, which means it’s also very sensitive. We use our orbicularis oculi muscles more than almost any other muscles, to squeeze our eyes shut, smize or squint.

Sleeping on your face can also contribute to fine lines, so make sure to sleep on your back or at least choose a high-quality pillowcase, like silk. ‘Unlike cotton, silk absorbs much less moisture, and hydration reduces the appearance of wrinkles,’ dr. Li says.


Collagen also plays a part

Collagen is a protein naturally found in your body which maintains a healthy, strong skin structure. You may also think of it as a glue that keeps muscles, ligaments, bones and skin together. Over the years, collagen quantities decrease from your system, hence the appearance of wrinkles.

This is why so many popular beauty products and supplements contain collagen.


Other external factors that may cause crow’s feet are:


Treatment & prevention

Luckily, we live in a day and age filled with high-quality creams and moisturizers that can improve your skin elasticity on the long run. According to Dr. Li, “an eye cream designed specifically for this area to target fine lines, increase hydration and address other aging concerns can be both preventative and reparative.”

How to pick the right cream? Firstly, read the label and make sure the product contains at least one of the following ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Collagen
  • Ceramides
  • Retinol

As Dr. Li explains, “Depending on the ingredients, an eye cream can have moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-inflamma­tory effects. It can also reduce puffiness and firm up or brighten skin in the area.”

The way you apply your cream can also make a difference. Take a pea-sized amount of cream and gently tap it around the eyes, starting from the orbital bone all the way to the temple. Take as much time as needed because you should not apply any product directly to your lids or right under the rashes.

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