The Best Free Apps to Manage Your Depression in 2021

By The Captain September 2, 2020

Wellness Captain Best Apps to Manage Depression

Depression is the most common mental illness in the world, affecting approximately 300 million people. Busy lifestyle, financial situation, relationship status and social media can all lead to this condition.

Recently, we made tremendous progress to help people to open up about their illness and opt for therapy when needed. However, a concerning amount of depressed patients still don’t have the courage or financial possibility to seek help from a professional.

If you can’t find joy, motivation or comfort anymore, this post is for you. Instead of spending half an hour scrolling on social media, you may just find healing in one of the following apps designed to help you to cope with depression.


Best Apps to Manage Your Depression in 2020


Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety

I like to think of Moodpath as a virtual journey that may help you uncover the causes of your thoughts and feelings. For 14 days, the app asks you in-the-moment questions to analyze your emotional state. After two weeks, Moodpath can help you realize if you truly need assistance from a professional or not.

However, this app also features over 150 tools that help you improve your mental state daily.

Download on your iPhone or Android device here


TalkLife: Depression & Anxiety

Sometimes simply being able to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through can be an enormous help. TalkLife introduces you to a community of people struggling with depression (or symptoms associated with it); this is the place where you can freely share your thoughts and receive support.

TalkLife offers the option of remaining anonymous, so you can open up about everything you’re going through.

Download on your iPhone or Android device here


Wellness Captain Best Apps to Manage Depression in 2020


Daylio Journal

Depression can sometimes make you feel emotionally stable. It’s hard to understand what you’re going through; this is where Daylio steps in. The PIN-protected app sends you reminders to record how you’re feeling throughout each day.

In return, Daylio creates graphics, stats and trends of your moods to help you understand what triggers certain emotional states.

Download on your iPhone or Android device here


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Artificial intelligence has evolved to the point it can help you cope with depression. Youper gives you the chance to chat with an assistant whose questions and answers trigger you to think about your emotional state and understand yourself better. The app includes multiple techniques used in psychology to reveal certain patterns in your behavior.

At the end of each discussion, the app presents a summary of your conversation and creates insights that may help to improve your emotional wellbeing.

Download on your iPhone or Android device here

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