Milk Benefits! 5 Powerful Reasons to Drink Milk Every Day

By The Captain June 2, 2020

Milk Benefits! 5 Powerful Reasons to Drink Milk Every Day wellness captain

Milk Benefits!

Milk has become such a mainstream beverage that we don’t even think about it that much. Soda, lemonade, tea, coffee – many times these options seem more appealing than a plain glass of milk.

However, there are a few things only good quality milk can offer to keep you strong and healthy in the long run. I dedicate today’s post to a simple, yet surprisingly powerful drink; let’s find out more about milk benefits:


Top 5 Milk Benefits


  1. Strong Bones
    We know milk has plenty of calcium that strengthens bone structure at any age (not just for kids!). A single glass of milk (250ml) offers more than 20% of your daily calcium requirements.
    Captain’s Tip: Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium tremendously, so drinking milk along with a good Vitamin D supplement can prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
  2. Muscle Growth
    Cow’s milk is a great tool for muscle growth and recovery. It contains a complete type of protein, which means it has all the essential amino acids your body needs to stay strong, while preventing muscle soreness.
    Captain’s Tip: If you live an active lifestyle or want to increase physical performance, adding some high-quality whey protein powder (originated from grass-fed cow’s milk) might be a great, healthy option.
  3. Weight loss
    Drinking a glass of milk before bed is a common habit for children. That’s because milk is tasty, hydrating and surprisingly fulfilling! If you want to lose weight, drinking milk daily can help you maintain a healthy balance with your diet.
    Captain’s Tip: For a hearty breakfast, you can combine a glass of milk with sugar-free oats and fruit; it’s healthy, fulfilling and very quick to make!
  4. Preventing Disease
    Research conducted at Cardiff University shows that drinking milk regularly can decrease the chances of dying from coronary heart disease by up to 20%. Additionally, milk can lower blood pressure (often associated with type 2 diabetes).
  5. Fighting off Cold/Congestion
    Struggling with a sore throat? Drinking milk may soothe the unpleasant symptoms of congestion and/or throat pain; furthermore, its high micronutrient content strengthens the immune system.

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