12 Less-Known Signs Your Food Has Gone BAD

By The Captain April 21, 2021

12 Less-Known Signs Your Food Has Gone BAD 1

Today’s food industry is nothing like it was a few decades ago.

On the bright side, I can enjoy bananas straight from Ecuador whenever I feel like it.

On the other side, almost every food we find is genetically modified or contains artificial ingredients of some sort.

Come and think about it, it’s truly amazing! The human race has found a way to make food last for years – something our ancestors barely even dreamed about.

I mean, a woman kept a McDonalds burger for 21 years and it was intact!

But there’s a trick here too: how can we know if a food has gone bad when most of them look just as good as new? How can we avoid food poisoning when we can’t tell whether an ingredient is indeed fresh or not?

‘Expiration dates,’ you might say – and I agree. That helps a lot. However, there are many situations when some foods can go bad before they expire and we must know how to spot them instantly.

Today, we’ll reveal 21 expert-verified telltale signs that the most common foods we eat have gone bad. Let’s check them out!


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