11 Famous People Struggling With Mental Health Issues

By M. C. August 16, 2021
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Photo by Kobby Dagan from Shutterstock

Kendrick Lamar

The hip-hop artist revealed his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts in one of his albums “To Pimp a Butterfly”. Kung fu Kenny voiced out on the track “i”, “I’ve been dealing with depression even since an adolescent.”.

And he went further into details by saying “I know your secrets, nigga/ Mood swings is frequent, nigga/ I know depression is restin’ on your heart for two reasons, nigga/ And if I told your secrets/ The world’ll know money can’t stop a suicidal weakness.” Apart from writing very powerful lyrics, Kendrick defied society’s expectation of men to be strong and quiet and revealed his vulnerability through his music.


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