The Healthiest Food You Can Get at These 12 Fast Food Chains

By The Captain December 3, 2020

Wellness Captain Healthiest Food at Fast-Food Chains

Wellness Captain McDonald’s: Egg McMuffin

If I’m going to compromise my breakfast, I’d definitely do it for an Egg McMuffin! Apparently I’m not the only one since dietitians also recommend this option over its unhealthier alternatives. According to dietitian Christine M. Palumbo, MDA, RDN, the whole egg sandwich provides you with valuable vitamins, minerals and even essential fatty acids.

Nutrition info

Fat: 11 g

Sodium: 760 mg

Carbs: 29 g

Protein: 16 g


Wellness Captain Papa John’s: Garden Fresh Slice on Thin Crust

Now back to pizza: what if you don’t like Domino’s or can’t order it? Luckily, Papa John’s has a great, fairly-healthy option too – if you know how to customize it. Don’t be scared about the word ‘garden:’ this pizza is nothing but flavored and nutritious! From green peppers to onions and olives, you can get a great dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Nutrition info

Fat: 6 g (2.5 saturated)

Sodium: 450 mg

Carbs: 26 g

Protein: 7 g


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