This Is How You Can Catch COVID Even If You’re Vaccinated, Fauci Warns

By The Captain May 13, 2021

vaccine appointment

In the United States, there are three vaccines authorized by the FDA for emergency use: Pfizer’s, Moderna’s and Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have the highest efficacy, of 95 percent, respectively 94.1 percent. Johnson &Johnson’s single shot is 72 percent effective against infection with the novel coronavirus, both in clinical trials and in the real world.

All three available vaccines come with their own share of side effects, among which the most common include chills, headache, pain, tiredness, and/or redness and swelling at the injection site, all of which should disappear in a couple of days. For more vaccine reactions, check out 7 COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Dr. Fauci Wants You to Understand.


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