Why Is Dr. Fauci So Concerned With The Omicron Variant?

By The Captain November 27, 2021
Why Is Dr. Fauci So Concerned With The Omicron Variant? 1

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The Omicron COVID variant: what we know so far

After the Delta variant took thousands of innocent lives, we didn’t think it could be worse – but unfortunately it is. The B.1.1.529 COVID variant, commonly known as Omicron was first confirmed this Tuesday, and scientists have evidence that it might evade immunity.

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Where does the new variant come from?

For now, the COVID variant is mostly present in South Africa. However, experts collected the first mutated sample in Botswana, on November 11th. Right now, though, the most heavily affected area is the Gauteng province of South Africa.

Scientists believe the variant originated in an immunocompromised person who contacted the initial COVID-19 virus. It’s believed that the patient zero might’ve suffered from HIV/Aids, hence the high number of mutations in the new variant.


Why is it so alarming?

The new COVID variant has over 30 mutations on the spike protein. Think of the spike protein as the key that allows your virus to invade your body cells. This high number of mutations can mean that the virus can trick your immune system, and even the current vaccines we have against COVID-19!

As a result, even those who have suffered from COVID recently might contact the virus and experience severe symptoms as well.


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