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Top 11 Most Dangerous Foods and Drinks for Diabetics

Top 11 Most Dangerous Foods and Drinks for Diabetics 1

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Many foods and drinks can be misleading, so the best way to avoid them is to stay informed and listen to specialists’ advice.

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or you know you’re at risk for it, you should start designing a diet that includes as little as possible from the following food categories:

  • Processed grains (such as refined flower)
  • Sugary beverages
  • Foods high in refined carbs (think pretzels)
  • Sweeteners

Living with type 2 diabetes (or at high risk for it) isn’t easy – and we know it. That’s why here at Wellness Captain one of our main goals is to spread expert-verified information to keep our readers healthy in simple ways.

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Before you go… are you or a loved one dealing with diabetes right now? Share your journey and tips in the comment section and let’s help each other to live long, happy lives together!


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