6 Beauty Tricks That Magically Rejuvenate You

By The Captain October 27, 2020

Wellness Captain Beauty Hacks That Rejuvenate You

Who wants to live forever?

Perhaps not all of us, but I do believe that everyone would like to maintain their ‘20s look for decades. Right now, there are thousands of so-called revolutionary treatments and products designed to delay the apparition of wrinkles or even reverse certain effects caused by aging.

However, there are many other simple habits you can take on to reduce the effects brought by the natural aging process. Luckily, most of them require minimal effort too (well, maybe except for no. 2, but hey! Art needs sacrifice, right?).

Today, I’m going to show you 6 of the easiest beauty tricks almost anyone can do to improve their looks considerably.


6 Simple Ways of Looking 5 Years Younger

Improve your brows

Perhaps one of the worst things about aging is its ability to destroy even the most beautiful locks. Unfortunately, our brows are suffering from this process too as they get thinner, which can only add extra years to our appearance.

Brows are essential for creating a nice symmetry to your facial features. If your brows look ‘anemic,’ there are countless beauty products that can help you fill in the gaps in a nice, antural way.

Whether you’re a beginner in the makeup world or not, using a brow kit like this one is the ideal place to start. Why? There are multiple shades and undertones to play with, but it’s still simple enough to make your brows look stunning in a matter of minutes.

6 Beauty Tricks That Magically Rejuvenate You 16 Beauty Tricks That Magically Rejuvenate You 2


Scoop your hair up in a ponytail

Buns of all kinds can be gorgeous and many times they might represent elegance and class. If you’re well into your ‘50s, though, you might want to switch this hairstyle for a more youthful one: a high ponytail.

Before you say anything, there is no such thing as being too old for this eternal hairstyle. Just a quick look at Jennifer Aniston proves that anyone can rock a ponytail while embracing their age and creating a playful, decent look.

But why do ponytails make anyone look younger? Well, pulling your hair up visually pulls the cheekbones up as well. This creates the illusion of a lifted face overall. Leaving a few hair strands or bangs around your face also helps you create symmetry which cuts off another couple of years from your appearance.


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